Customized solutions

Our wires and cables is engineered to your exact specifications

Cable Consultancy

Our range of wires and cables cover a wide spectrum of applications across an equally broad range of industries, but sometimes those products won’t quite meet the requirements of your application. In this case we could study a specific solution tailored on your specific application.

Customised cables

In which ways could we customize the cables? Our technical experts can adapt to your specification an existing wire or cable or they can design a fully customized cable on your requirements. Furthermore we can manufacture the customized cable in low minimum order quantities and short lead-times.

Just some solutions

Custom designed cables

A cable design for a single application's specification.

Hybrid/Composite cables

Composite cables may be manufactured by twisting complete different cables together, or placing cables under special foil, shield, or assembling cables under different sheaths, or introducing special elements (ie pipe, filler,..) in the cable.

Screened cables

If you need electrical screen for your cable or for some single element of your cable, it’s possible add a bare or tinned copper braid, or a bare or tinned copper spiral, double braiding, or alu/PET foil or some combinations of these components.

Different raw material

We can change some raw material to achieve better performance in specific field: oxygen free copper, silver plated copper, PE insulation or special blend sheath (ie PVC/PUR)

A touch of personality

If you need to give a special touch to your cable, we can help you with writing (ink-jet, printing-wheel, engraved-wheel), sheath or insulation colours, bobbins with your logo,..

A view on Packaging

For packing your wires and cables, we have different solutions:

# Coils

# Bobbins

# Reels

# Conipack

# Barrels

# Boxes


For more information on your customized cable, please get in touch with our team