Research & Development

We believe in innovation

Research & Development

R&D not only provides the basis for innovation, it ensures the development of new materials, production processes and products.

R&D has a key role in Cavi F.E.R.M.I. and it is constantly developed in many areas:

    >> advanced machinery
    >>> trained and qualified team
    >>> new materials
    >>> laboratory tests
    >>> IT

The R&D mission

Our mission is to focus on quality and know-how to identify innovative and efficient solutions in order to create new products and services that can help our customers in their projects. We work to reduce production costs, to lower environmental impact, and to add value for customers.

"Next generation" cables

Cable innovations are as central to us as they are to our partners and customers. Innovative cables support our partners achieve their goals, and keep us having favorable opportunities. Our R&D team is working on developing new products that meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

In addition to a wide variety of stock cables, we can design custom cables for customer-specific applications.


For more information about some peculiar project, please get in touch with our R&D team