Quality is all around

Quality policy & quality cables

Quality policy

Quality is taken seriously at Cavi F.E.R.M.I.: with all design and manufacturing processes strictly controlled.

Quality permeates any business and project: quality on manufacturing, on regulatory compliance, on fast quote, on technical information.

Supply chain

All our suppliers are qualified and they have a certified ISO quality system.

Cavi F.E.R.M.I aware of the key role played by the supply chain in reaching its business objectives and so it implemented a model of supplier selection aimed at involving them in the risk prevention process.

Cavi F.E.R.M.I achieves this point by carrying out qualification, update and feedback processes on future and current suppliers aimed at evaluating, confirming and checking of the technical capabilities, compliance with the safety requirements and environmental protection, ethical and financial reliability, organizational and sustainability qualities.

Quality laboratory

Cavi F.E.R.M.I. srl has an internal laboratory equipped for testing electrical and mechanical carachteristics.

We use state-of the art measurement instruments for our tests: instruments are certified and calibrated by third part bodies.

All cables manufactured by Cavi F.E.R.M.I are subject to strict quality controls. The cables have to pass through various test procedures and quality assurance measures and these can be adapted to the customer’s specific requirements or application.

Quality approval

Many of our wires and cables have a third part approval by IMQ (Italian Quality Mark): IMQ mark or IMQ-HAR mark.

Since 1980 Cavi F.E.R.M.I. has certified cable.

In more recent years we added also RINA certification for some wires.

We are ISO 9001 since 1996


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